Back to Back: Allies for Human Dignity (B2B)

antiracism rally 3.5.16

Anti-racism rally in downtown Eugene, March 5th, 2016


Back to Back: Allies for Human Dignity works to increase safety and respect in our community. The primary tools used to oppose bigotry and discrimination on all fronts are education, exposure, and building strong community relationships.


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We have produced four traveling photo exhibits to raise awareness of the diversity of our community:

“We Are Neighbors”
“What Does Family Look Like”
“Shared Communities / Mixed Identities”
“Neighbors without Addresses”




Back to Back collaborates with the Stop Hate Campaign, which initiates coordinated community responses to local hate activity. Responses include flyering, vigils, and creating connections with business owners and residents, letting perpetrators know that hate is not tolerated. The Stop Hate Campaign’s Lane County Hate Activity Map, a crowd-sourced record of hate incidents, tracks trends in hateful activity in our community, facilitating appropriate, strategic responses. The Stop Hate Campaign also offers community education for schools, civic groups and government entities. See the map


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