Peace and Justice Work

The 1966 mission of CALC (originally Clergy and Laity Concerned) was to mobilize opposition to the Vietnam War. Over forty years later, CALC continues to challenge militarism, through our two programs Action for Peaceful Tomorrows and Truth in Recruiting.

Progressive Responses: Action for Peaceful Tomorrows

The mission of Progressive Responses is to educate and mobilize community members to promote peace by building communities that respect human rights and the environment, and oppose militarism and endless war. We seek to accomplish our mission through community forums, direct action, lobbying, signature ads and other media work, and collaboration with other groups and allies.

Our action goals are to:

  • Stop the use of war as a tool of foreign policy and instead strengthen and rely on international cooperation and peacemaking
  • Dramatically decrease military spending and redirect funds to social and environmental needs
  • Promote human rights including; the right to health care, housing, adequate food, education, meaningful work, and social security for all people
  • Protect the environment and promote sustainable development in the U.S. and abroad
  • Stop the attack on democracy by challenging corporate control of our political institutions

Our current peace initiatives: 

  • Justice for Private Manning
  • Pressuring politicians to bring troops home from Afghanistan
  • Bring the War Dollars Home
  • Educating on the devastation of drone warfare
  • Opposing nuclear weapons and nuclear power

Please join our efforts! Email and check out these non-violent protest training materials.

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