This opinion piece by CALC’s Truth in Recruiting Coordinator Carol Van Houten appeared on 5/26/2016 in the Eugene Weekly:

Heads up: Females may soon need to register with Selective Service and be eligible to be drafted into the military, just as males are when they turn 18, should Congress authorize a return of the draft.

I have been expecting this change since women became eligible for all military jobs. Some court suits, if successful, would require females to register. One bill by 32-to-30 vote in the Armed Services Committee is on its way to the whole House of Representatives requiring females to register; another on which Rep. DeFazio is a co-sponsor would entirely eliminate the Selective Service. Whether Selective Service ends or expands to include females is unknown at this point.

Making females liable to be drafted into the military is probably a shocking idea to many people because to most Americans, the “military” is something other people do. This could be a good time to look at who serves in the military (generally poor, rural, minorities, offspring of military) in this so-called “voluntary” military, and to look at what the military is doing in our name. Is it doing what we want? Is it effective? Have 15 years of war in the Middle East improved things?

Maybe a better idea is to require national service of all youth, service which builds our nation instead of expanding our military.

Carol Van Houten, Community Alliance of Lane County, Eugene

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