CALC Memorial Day Peace Ad 2017

Stop the Military Madness
“Military Madness is Killing Your Country.” Graham Nash

CALC will publish the following ad text in the Register Guard on Memorial Day, May 29th 2017.
To get your name in the ad,  send an email to and to help pay for the ad make a donation via the donation button on this web page.

Ad Text:

President Trump is following the playbook of tyrants throughout history, stirring up fear and advocating simplistic, militaristic, and destructive solutions to the world’s complex problems.

Now, more than ever, we must stand and take action together:

•To fight to reduce budget dollars for weapons and war. And to demand that the Pentagon be audited like other federal agencies.

•To oppose military-first solutions to global problems by supporting diplomacy, humanitarian assistance, and collaborative peace-keeping missions.

•To resist calls for more troops in the complex wars of the Middle East.

•To hold Trump and his military leaders accountable for increasing civilian casualties, which only fuel anti-American sentiments around the world.

•To demand reduction of nuclear weapons and support legislation that removes the power to launch nuclear weapons from one man and requires consultation and congressional approval.

•To fund desperately needed initiatives to save our planet by combating climate change and promoting clean energy—a real source of good long-term jobs.

•To support programs promoting education, providing affordable housing, preventing hunger, and building healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities.


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