April 22 – Movie: The Invisible War, part of Sexual Violence Awareness Week




Relentless pressure on Congress and the military is what it will take to stop the epidemic of sexual assault within the military.  The solution will require the military to move everything about reporting and dealing with sexual assault incidents outside the chain of command, something they don’t want to do, as “command” is central to their functioning. Congress must change some laws to make this happen; a particularly egregious example of needed law change allows a commanding officer to undo a military court conviction of assault.  An Air Force officer recently did exactly this, saying he wanted his pilots (all male) to know he had “their backs.”

Most of all Congress and the public must stay focused on this issue so that this time it gets resolved, unlike the multiple, well- publicized, past incidents, followed by no change.  Toward this goal, Truth In Recruiting is again showing the film, The Invisible War.  After seeing this film, it will be clear why we all need to be relentless about achieving needed change.

Come to the next local screening of The Invisible War on Monday, April 22nd at 6:30 pm in room 175 at the Knight Law School on UO campus.

This showing, a joint venture with the ASUO Women’s Center and Veterans for Peace, will kick off Sexual Violence Prevention Week at the University of Oregon.  Come to this showing for the community and campus.

Donations to the Peace Scholarship Fund, which makes scholarships for post high school education or training available to local high school seniors, will help provide a concrete alternative to enlisting in the military for money for college.   This is how you can make a difference…

Donate to Peace Scholarship

Come see this FREE screening of the Oscar Nominated movie The Invisible War.  The film explores the pervasive problem of sexual trauma in the Military and the systems that allow it to thrive.  Monday, April 22 at the UO Law School, Room 175.

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