Dear Friends,

Thanks to all of you who participated, we had another successful year of wreath sales!  We sold 322 wreaths made by Mujeres Luchadoras Progresistas, adding beauty to local households and increasing the winter income of hardworking farmworker families.  These sales were worth $11,270.

A terrific network made this project possible. We sold the wreaths through eleven congregations, the Latin America Solidarity Committee (LASC, Scott Miksch), and a couple of informal networks.  The congregations were First Presbyterian in Cottage Grove (Joyce Cameron and Cynthia Sharp), Emmaus Lutheran (Debi Eisert), St. Mary’s Episcopal (Rosalie Hammond and Kathy Hunt), the Unitarian Universalist Church (Joyce Thomas), First United Methodist Church (Blake English and Bruce Hayes), Episcopal Church of the Resurrection (Fr. Brent Was and Patty Krier), First Congregational Church (Joanna Zamora), Eugene Mennonite (Vicki Morgan and Marcia Hadley), Central Presbyterian Church (Bob Bottge), Eugene Friends Meeting (Sara Michener) and First Christian Church (Kathy Murray).

Community Alliance of Lane County safe-guarded the funds as they arrived, and the wreaths were transported from Woodburn and unloaded by Rob Castleberry, Rico and Denise Perez, Brian Miller, Rachel Jordan, Jen Hernandez, and Marion Malcolm.  Jean Miksch, Scott Fife, and Don Bischoff helped unload the wreaths.  Rachel, Jean, and Marion handled distribution. Everyone came on time and it all went very well!

We will be returning wreath frames to Mujeres Luchadoras Progresistas for re-use.  Each frame costs the women $1.40, so let’s try to keep them out of the landfill.  If you have frames to recycle there will be a box on the porch at CALC/LASC, 458 Blair Blvd., from January 6 until the end of January. Please return only the bare frames.  CALC’s Michael Carrigan will oversee this effort. If you have questions, you can email him at

Rachel Jordan is stepping down as co-coordinator of this project, a role she has played since the beginning. (We can’t remember how many years it has been).  She did says she might help a bit.  Meanwhile, Jean Miksch has said she will step up to help with coordination.  I want to personally thank both of them!!  Rachel and I have worked together for farmworker justice for decades, and it always has been a real pleasure.

Please know that together we made a difference in the lives of the MLP members and their families!

Thank you!

Marion Malcolm


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