Hate — it’s been erupting all across the country.  Hate — it’s been erupting right here in Lane County.  We are asking you to help us right away so we can keep responding effectively.

Like many others, folks at CALC are deeply saddened and angered. But we are not immobilized. We were glad to offer immediate, tangible support to leaders in the Asian Pacific American community, as they organized a strong response to the vandalism inflicted on local Asian-owned businesses. We stand ready to respond wherever and whenever the haters emerge from their hiding places and pollute our community with their ugly acts, threats and messages.

That kind of immediate response is central to the mission of CALC’s Back to Back: Allies for Human Dignity program — and we are excited to announce that CALC has just hired a dynamic organizer, Shanalea Forrest, to staff Back to Back. Shanalea jumped right in and has already helped coordinate effective actions in response to hate activity right here where we live, letting targeted community members know they have our love and support.


We shouldn’t be surprised that CALC’s involvement has drawn the attention of the haters. We were recently targeted with three disturbing incidents of hate graffiti at our office. Here are the images, but please be warned — they contain some extremely racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic words and images.  We wish we didn’t have to share these images, but we feel it’s important for our friends to know what’s going on. The individual who left the graffiti that mentions Obama later returned to our office, and had to be firmly ordered, multiple times, to leave. The graffiti containing a swastika was written very large,  directly at our front door, with a permanent marker.


Donations to CALC drop off in the summer, and we’ve just grown our staff… so things are very tight right now . All of the work CALC does to combat hate activity is only possible with donations from wonderful folks like you. Please consider making a contribution to CALC today, over and above your usual contributions.  Make a secure donation online, or mail your contribution to us at 458 Blair Boulevard, Eugene, OR 97402.  Thank you for your support .


Adrienne, Amy, Carol, Marion, Michael, and Shanalea


P.S. In addition to your much-needed donation, here’s how you can help:
  • Join Back to Back’s rapid response team. Contact Shanalea at calcb2b@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch right away.
  • Express your feelings in a letter to the editor.
  • Engage friends, colleagues and family in conversations about racism and privilege. We can offer articles that will help you talk about these issues.


P.P.S. Check out this great coverage of the incidents by KEZI, KVAL, and KLCC.


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