The 2016 Winners of CALC’s Truth in Recruiting Program’s Peace Scholarships. L-R: Bryanna Gabalon, Kale’a Galbreath, Roxi Holt, James Connolly, Kyra Hanson, Logan Mertz, Holly Hicks.


Each year CALC’s Truth in Recruiting Program awards Peace Scholarships. These scholarships are CALC’s tangible commitment to offering students an alternative to enlisting in the military to pay for college. This year we asked students to address the following prompt:


Both warfare and climate change are rendering large areas of the world uninhabitable.  Some examples are Syria and Iraq.  Lack of access to resources, including land, food, water and rule of law, has caused an enormous refugee problem in the Middle East.  Already in the US there is early evidence of similar problems, such as forest fires, hurricanes, water wells drying up, etc. What are you inspired to do to help resolve these crises, to decrease warfare and promote positive solutions to climate change.  Does that include, or not, enlisting in the military?


See the incredible winning responses here.



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