Job announcement!

Do you live or work in Springfield or have strong ties there? Here’s a great activist job opportunity! Community Alliance of Lane County (CALC) is seeking a half-time organizer to coordinate the work of CALC’s Springfield Alliance for Equality and Respect (SAfER). The job will involve working with members of the Springfield Community to promote racial justice, immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights and shelter rights.


For a full description of the qualifications and job responsibilities, contact Candidates interested in additional compensation and responsibilities in development and fundraising should request information about including those responsibilities in a three-quarter time job.


When you receive the job description, you will be asked for a resume and a cover letter explaining your qualifications for the position and your connection to Springfield. The position will be open until filled, with best consideration for applications received by November 25th.



Board members wanted!

The CALC Board

CALC is an action-oriented nonprofit whose mission is to educate and mobilize for peace, human dignity, and social, racial, and economic justice. We are looking for some new board members who can help us advance our mission. We’re especially hoping for more representation from communities of color. Interested? We’d love to hear from you. Just email us at Tell us a little about your passions, experience, and any special skills.



What’s new with CALC


  • November 12 – Veterans’ Voices in the Eugene Weekly

On November 12, one day after Veterans’ Day, we published a special eight-page supplement, Veterans’ Voices, in the Eugene Weekly, which reached 40,000 readers! We think that people should listen to vets and not just say a facile, “thank you for your service,” which often has the result of silencing vets and keeping people complacent about ongoing US aggression. We also want to upset the false notion that veterans and the peace movement are inevitably at odds, and show that veterans are a powerful part of the effort to challenge war as an instrument of foreign policy.

We solicited submissions from veterans of different eras and received some amazing and moving material. People wrote from places of deep pain and they shared memories that, in some cases, were long buried. Two World War II vets are represented, as are a couple of Iraq vets, and veterans from between wars. And of course, we have submissions from Vietnam vets, including from a vet who was tracked by the FBI for his involvement in Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and from vets who returned to Vietnam to help with that country’s reconstruction. See the insert here.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this paid insert! We still have $650 to raise in order to completely cover costs. If you would like to contribute, please send your gift to CALC at 458 Blair Boulevard, Eugene, OR 97402. Please indicate that your donation is to go towards “Veterans’ Voices.”

  • April 2016 – CALC 50th Anniversary Gala

CALC will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary with a dinner, an auction, and some highly amusing entertainment… More details soon!

  • April 2016 – Peace Scholarship Applications Due

Students will be asked to respond to a prompt on the connections between racism, militarism, and climate change.

  • Don’t forget to check out CALC’s Community Events Calendar!

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CALC’s Blog


Don’t Let Military Define Masculinity

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Action for Peaceful Tomorrows, Peace, Truth in Recruiting | 0 comments

This op-ed by Carol Van Houten (CALC’s Truth in Recruiting Coordinator) appeared in the 11/20/2015 edition of The Register Guard: Don’t let military define masculinity “I want to join the military, particularly the Marines, so I can be something, so I can be a man.” That’s an idea we volunteers in Truth In Recruiting hear from high school boys all too often. That “something” is exactly what Debra Merskin was addressing in her Oct. 17 guest viewpoint: masculinity defined as being violently strong and in control (“Our society...

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Homelessness is Not a Crime

Posted by on Oct 5, 2015 in Back to Back | 0 comments

By Ken Neubeck Originally printed in the Register Guard Late one night, Katherine finally fled her husband’s constant emotional and physical abuse, equipped with nothing but a blanket and clothes in a backpack. Having no money, Katherine slept in a downtown park only to be awakened by police, who gave her a $150 citation for prohibited camping and told her to move on. From this point Katherine plummeted into chronic homelessness. “Criminalization” of homelessness occurs when people who lack housing or safe and legal shelter are forced to...

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The Iran Nuclear Deal

Posted by on Sep 8, 2015 in Back to Back | 0 comments

It is easy to turn a blind eye to the far-away devastation resulting from decades of war overseas, ignoring the repercussions of war. But whether we pay attention or not, these wars cast long shadows — from the rise of the Islamic State to perilous civilian living conditions. When it comes to nuclear weapons, we cannot afford to maintain our ignorance. On July 14, after years of tense negotiations, the international community and Iran agreed on a deal to curb Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The deal prevents a 10th country from joining the...

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Why Don’t Americans Know What Really Happened in Vietnam?

Posted by on May 19, 2015 in Action for Peaceful Tomorrows, Peace, Truth in Recruiting | 0 comments

By Christian Appy. This article was sourced from The Nation. Instead of confronting the truth, we scrubbed the record clean—and we’re still paying for it in Afghanistan and Iraq today. The 1960s—that extraordinary decade—is celebrating its 50th birthday one year at a time. Happy birthday, 1965! How, though, do you commemorate the Vietnam War, the era’s signature catastrophe? After all, our government prosecuted its brutal and indiscriminate war under false pretexts, long after most citizens objected, and failed to achieve any of...

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CALC LTE: Recruiters don’t tell the whole story

Posted by on Dec 24, 2014 in Truth in Recruiting | 0 comments

Recruiters don’t tell the whole story The “Ten Things Military Recruiters Won’t Tell You” listed in the Dec. 14 Register-Guard covered a number of important points, but it also missed some: If the decision to enlist turns out to be a mistake, it can’t be changed. It’s the only career step a youth can make that’s irrevocable. The enlistment period is eight years. Active duty is typically only four years but enlistees can be called back during the eight years, or longer, especially in wartime. The training and job listed on the...

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CALC OP-ED: U.S. Military Action only Fans Flames in Mideast

Posted by on Dec 22, 2014 in Back to Back | 0 comments

The 2015 National Defense Authorization Act passed in the House of Representatives and the Senate. The bill authorizes $585 billion in defense spending, including $63.7 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations (to be used for the now extended war in Afghanistan, plus military activities in Iraq and Syria, including $5.1 billion directed towards ISIL. Congressman DeFazio voted against the NDAA as did Senators Merkley and Wyden. They were thanked for their vote in the Friday Dec. 19 OP-ED published in the Register Guard. U.S. military action...

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Homelessness at national/local level- Powerpoint

Posted by on Nov 21, 2014 in Back to Back | 0 comments

A timely and comprehensive analysis of the homeless community at a national and local Lane county level.   Presented at the Planning. Public Policy and Management Department at the University of Oregon.   You can view the PowerPoint at the following link:

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As US Bombs ISIS in Syria, Even Some Pro-War Pundits Express Skepticism

Posted by on Sep 24, 2014 in Action for Peaceful Tomorrows, Peace | 0 comments

What did Americans learn at the Iraq War? We learned not to believe cocky pundits with their grandiose ideas about how America would use its awesome military weapons to civilize other countries.

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Michael Schwartz, The New Oil Wars in Iraq

Posted by on Jun 27, 2014 in Peace | 0 comments

Tomgram: Michael Schwartz, The New Oil Wars in Iraq Introduction by Tom Englehardt Imagine the president, speaking on Iraq from the White House Press Briefing Room last Thursday, as the proverbial deer in the headlights — and it’s not difficult to guess just what those headlights were. Think of them as Benghazi on steroids. If the killing of an American ambassador, a Foreign Service officer, and two CIA private security contractors could cause almost two years of domestic political uproar, unending Republican criticism, and potential...

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We Received a Message from a Marine Recruiter… read Truth in Recruiting’s Response

Posted by on Apr 24, 2014 in Truth in Recruiting | 0 comments

We Received a Message from a Marine Recruiter… read Truth in Recruiting’s Response

"...our brochure is not about the general topic of sexual assault; it is about sexual assault in the military"

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